Microbiological air sampler in screw-less design for easy cleaning and minimizing contamination. Made in stainless steel, user friendly and simple to recharge.

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The HYCLAS air samplers family conforms to both ISO 14698 and the new EN17141 Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments – Biocontamination control.

Our air samplers have been specifically tested according to the EN17141 for both physical and biological efficiency by an independent external suitable laboratory. Validation report available on request.
All the models of our product range confirm to the EN17141 requirements.

Campionatore microbiologico aria

Innovative low
contamination design

Made in stainless steel

* More than 90% of its weight is fully recyclable

Screw-less design for easy cleaning and minimizing contamination

Air exhaust parallel to the sampling path

No turbulence generated

Compact size

Simple installation

circolo aria
User friendly
display user friendly
Wide view color display and high visibility, intuitive human interface
Chiavetta usb2
USB-stick 2.0 can be fitted inside the unit and data stored as secured PDF – file
and simple to recharge!

Removable rechargeable battery

No more “last-minute” charge

Extend operation time easily

Two batteries supplied

Interested in?
Valigia campionatore microbiologico
Technical specifications

12 V Lithium battery-powered with integrated charge indicator

Electropolished 316L grade stainless steel

Portable (weight <2,5 kg)

Sampling flow rate up to 180 l/min

Misure campionatore microbiologico aria
Accessori campionatore microbiologico aria

Stainless steel tripod adapter


Model with remote control and 360° LED indicators

Interno valigia campionatore microbiologico aria

Air sampler


Rechargable batteries


Battery charger


Power supply 100-240 V~ 50-60 Hz


Power cord


Remote control (optional)

Campionatore microbiologico aria

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